Involved in hairdressing Industry for over 35 Years
    Focused on Education and Training


    • 30 years of continuous research
    • Use of cutting-edge technologies
    •  Quality assurance aproach


    • In-house production according to high quality standards
    • Technology designed and developed in Italy
    • Compliance with EC and international standards and certifications


    • Best Italian design
    • Finishing and shapes studied in every tiny detail
    • Lines and profiles to offer unique products dedicated to beauty

    Gamma + (Più): Italian technology at the service of beauty

    Gamma + (Più) is a leading manufacturer of professional hairdryers and, even after 30 years of specialised experience, our hairdryers still blow new, fresh air! Our constant research for technological innovation results in cutting-edge products.

    Development, production and control are fully implemented in our factory and that’s the key to deliver high quality. The components are carefully selected to create safe products. They are strictly tested and checked one by one to make sure they’re absolutely reliable. Moreover, Gamma + (Più) ensures a full network of assistance.

    We are always close to you and to your clients! Our products combine all the experience and solidity gathered during 30 years in the professional industry. We bring you a new exclusive line whose biggest assets are innovation, quality and style.

    Gamma + (Più) sees clean technologies as a prerogative, not only in innovative high-performing, low-consuming products, but also in the management of the company’s own power system. Our solar panels, which provide the company with all the power it needs, reduces carbon dioxide emissions by 1,000 kilos per day, saving a forest every year.

    The production process has installed electric presses for latest-generation moulds, with low power consumption and without hydraulic oil, which is highly harmful to the environment. All lighting inside and outside the plant has been replaced with a LED system. Saving electricity and reducing environmentally harmful emissions has allowed us to maintain our production standards while improving quality of life.

    Making better products and making a better company, to help make a better world.