Benjamin Cucanic

@benjamincucanic With years of experience cutting in renowned shops and learning from the industry’s best, I’ve honed my craft to perfection. Yet, it was during the challenging times of COVID-19 that I discovered a deeper calling. I transitioned to running my own private suite from home, achieving greater success part-time than in a traditional shop … Read more

Luke Kelso

@lukeebarber I seek to be the best modern barber to my clients of Wilks Cuts Barbershop.  My passion for barbering is a big as my Nike sneaker collection (@TunedAirAus Instagram sneaker collector page 11k followers) with well over 100 pairs of sneakers. I ensure I arrive looking fresh to the barbershop each day with a … Read more

Damon Tua

@thechiefcuts I’ve been in the industry over 10 years now. I use my craft as a barber to not only create art but to also spread awareness for mens mental health, im privileged to b able to do what I love on the daily 💯 Barber at FIFO Barber Share (Brisbane, Queensland)

Joe Forkan

@joeforkan1 I started my career 4 years ago by getting inspiration from hairstylists on the internet, to me wanting to be just like them. I started cutting hair from my house in Ireland, and now work in Australia, gaining knowledge from many different kind of hairstylists, to gathering each little detail from them and putting … Read more

Rich Saunders

@richbecuttin I’m a 36 year old barber born and raised, living and working in Tasmania. I am moving to Sydney at the end of the year to move forward with my career as a barber and pursue a lifestyle change. I have secured a role at Sonder Men’s as a senior barber, one of Australia’s … Read more