Gamma + Plasma


  • The only hair dryer in the world with the Active Oxygen activator: the exclusive UV lamp activates the air turning it into active oxygen.
  • The drying process becomes a beauty and well-being treatment for hair.
  • The active oxygen interacts with the hair colour molecules, promoting better stability and making the colour last longer; it facilitates the closure of the cuticle that makes the shaft smoother and brighter and protects the internal structure of the hair from weathering and heat; the oxidative process induced by active oxygen, destroys the bacterial capsule and improves the metabolism of the scalp, promoting its natural recovery.
  • Ion generator with on-off switch that controls the emission of negative ions depending on the result you wish to obtain on the hair.
  • Switch set on ION: to obtain hydrated, smooth hair and without static electricity. Switch set on O: to obtain volume and consistency.
  • Scientifically tested advantages: assessment test performed by Biomedical s.r.l. dermatology and trichology biomedical centre.
  • Less drying time
  • Product size: 190mm
  • Voltage: 220˜240
  • Wattage: 1900-2200