Our Educators

Jordan Tabakman aka jordantabakman
Lead Educator

Celebrity Barber and Educator

Jordan Tabakman has a wealth of industry knowledge and skill. Jordan is a second-generation barber who comes with many accomplishments in the industry including many stage shows and expos. Jordan commonly appears on TV segments for cutting the hair of sport starts such as tennis player, Nick Kyrgios, Australian Basketball player for the NBA, Aron Baynes, and AFL player, Dusty Martin.

Teegan Dyson aka teegandyson_hair

I fell into barbering when I was 16. I’ve been in the industry now for 14 years & haven’t looked back since. I just recently made the move to Melbourne from Tasmania, and am now working at the Barber Club in Port Melbourne.

I love doing fades, scissor work & always pushing myself to learn and grow as a person & as a barber.

Aidan Sloan aka aidanscuts

I have been cutting hair for the past 7 years and am still loving and learning my craft more each day. I have just opened my own shop which has been a dream of mine since I could remember. I have since joined the gamma + education team to help spread my knowledge and teach others!

Tori Gill aka torigill_barber

Creative Director/Educator

Tori Gill first began hairdressing in 2008 back in the UK. Now, with 16 years experience under her belt and a host of accolades, including Men’s Hairdresser of The Year, to go alongside it, her passion for the craft continues to grow. Her creative style, technique and ability has lead to her work being recognised worldwide and her work has influenced many others.

Our Ambassadors

Cam Yates aka southpawslinger_

I’ve been barbering since 2017! I started my career working in walk in shops, learning a more traditional style of barbering, before transitioning into more of, what I like to call, a modern barber, incorporating more precision scissor work into my cutting style. I’ve been working at an appointment based barbershop in Brisbane since 2021 and am very lucky to be able to work side by side with my talented co workers! I love cutting a wide range of styles. My favourite trims to do at the moment are crops and slick backs as I think they capture the essence of modern barbering really well and allow me to combine my love of clipper work with some scissor work. My favourite Gamma+ tool is the Boosted clipper. I use it in the shop every single day, it’s an absolute work horse and is an absolute weapon when it comes to fade work! (Ryan Co. Barbership, Fortitude Valley, Brisbane QLD)

Binga Thompson aka tebarbershack

I have been in the industry going on 12 years, working both in New Zealand and Perth WA for the last 10 years. In this time, I have amalgamated a vast skillset on the clippers,

allowing me to become a leader in my craft. Barbering has taken me on a journey that I never thought possible, and have made many great friendships along the way.

My greatest attribute would have to be the banter i bring to work. Without that the workplace would be a dull place. (Te Barber Schack – Joondalup, Perth, WA)

Aman Isaacs aka _moosethebarber

I am a Melbourne based and self taught barber. When I’m not cutting hair,

I have a passion for working with individuals living with a disability. I assist them with their exercise programs and daily living.

I also love the game of basketball and I am a huge Kobe fan.

MJ aka ministrybarbers

I’m a NSW high schools Educator with the Department of Education.

I have been a barber for 14 years and am the CEO of Ministry Barbers.

Damien Clark aka damo_x_slayer

Owner of Neighbourhood Barber. Been cutting 6 years. Always seeking different methods in this craft to help myself and my team grow in this industry.

It’s a journey not a race. (Mt. Waverley, Melbourne).

Rich Saunders aka richbecuttin

I’m a 36 year old barber born and raised, living and working in Tasmania. I am moving to Sydney at the end of the year to move forward with my career as a barber and pursue a lifestyle change.

I have secured a role at Sonder Men’s as a senior barber, one of Australia’s best barber shops and I’m pumped for the move. (MH Barber Studio, Launceston Tasmania)

Joe Forkan aka joeforkan1

I started my career 4 years ago by getting inspiration from hairstylists on the internet, to me wanting to be just like them. I started cutting hair from my house in Ireland, and now work in Australia, gaining knowledge from many different kind of hairstylists, to gathering each little detail from them and putting it into my own twist. Barber/Head Stylist at Stanford Barbers (Mount Hawthorn, Perth, Western Australia).

Damian Lai aka damo.lai

I am the owner of Empire Barbershop based in Oakleigh. Born and raised in Wellington, New Zealand, before coming to Australia where I shortly began to discover my passion for Barbering. I’ve been cutting since 2020 and seek to improve and educate myself everyday whilst sharing knowledge to others. If you can’t catch me at the barbershop, you’ll catch me watching AFL at the comfort of my own home. I hope to see you in my barber chair soon! Barber/Owner at Empire Barbershop (Oakleigh, Melbourne, Victoria)

Damon Tua aka thechiefcuts

I’ve been in the industry over 10 years now. I use my craft as a barber to not only create art but to also spread awareness for mens mental health, im privileged to b able to do what I love on the daily 💯 Barber at FIFO Barber Share (Brisbane, Queensland)

Luke Kelso aka lukeebarber

I seek to be the best modern barber to my clients of Wilks Cuts Barbershop.  My passion for barbering is a big as my Nike sneaker collection (@TunedAirAus Instagram sneaker collector page 11k followers) with well over 100 pairs of sneakers. I ensure I arrive looking fresh to the barbershop each day with a different pair of kicks. (WilksCuts Barbershop, Berowra NSW)

Benjamin Cucanic aka benjamincucanic

With years of experience cutting in renowned shops and learning from the industry’s best, I’ve honed my craft to perfection. Yet, it was during the challenging times of COVID-19 that I discovered a deeper calling. I transitioned to running my own private suite from home, achieving greater success part-time than in a traditional shop setting. But success isn’t just about personal gain. It’s about lifting others. As an ambassador for Gamma+, my mission is to empower the next generation of barbers. With dedication, not just years, I’ll show you how to redefine your journey, maximize your earnings, and master the art of barbering. (Melbourne, Victoria)

Connor Jones aka conthebarber_93

I’ve been a barber for ten years. I have a passion for making people feel and look good and love that barbering allows me to do that every day. I’m keen to get started as a Gamma+ Ambassador to help the brand grow and also take the next step in my barbering career while meeting like minded people and networking within the industry. When I’m not barbering you’ll either find me at the footy, at the pub or out for a run. (The Barber Club, Bentleigh, Melbourne, Victoria)

David Talev aka davidtalev

I’m a 24-year-old barber with seven years in the industry. Quality work and genuine customer connections are my trademarks. My seven years of experience have honed my skills ensuring that every haircut and grooming session I deliver is top-notch. But it’s not just about the cut; it’s about the experience. I believe in making each visit special. What sets me apart is the personal touch I bring. I take the time to understand my clients, creating a comfortable atmosphere where they can elax and enjoy. When you sit in my chair, you’re not just getting a haircut; you’re getting an artist dedicated to making you look and feel your best, while building lasting bonds with my clients. Lead Stylist at Studio Zero (Niddrie, Melbourne, Victoria)

Cinzia Cocca aka cinziathebarber

Cinzia, is a skilled hairdresser with 8 years of experience, she specialises in the art of barbering. With a passion for men’s style, she seamlessly weaves her love for fashion into her craft. Cinzia’s journey in the industry is not only about hair but also about breaking barriers. She aspires to inspire other females to embrace and excel in the world of hairdressing, shaping the future of the industry with her unique blend of skill, style, and empowerment.

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